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Bryon Bashore works hard to maintain his reputation as a resourceful business partner. He has spent the past decade perfecting the art of customer service, by nurturing his business relationships in a very unique way. As an Account Executive for Ticor Title, Bryon is extraordinarily client-focused and offers his full attention to both large and small responsibilities. Accomplishing this requires him to communicate well with internal personnel as well as external. He credits his team at Ticor for their industry experience, financial resources, and incredible work culture for their ability to offer value-added solutions and remarkable results to his clients.

With his family who has been in the industry since 1983, it is obvious where Bryon’s strong work ethic comes from. Although Bryon started working in the coastal residential Orange County market, his success has allowed him to include commercial transactions throughout Southern California. He has collected many awards over the years, including the Ticor Trajectory Awards in 2015 and 2016. He also makes time to be an OCAR Affiliate Vice Chair, affiliate member of the Newport Board of Realtors and is very proud to be part of NAIOP.

Bryon’s clients appreciate his honesty and expertise. His personal motto is “When my clients succeed, then I succeed.” And his definition of success includes facing challenges and viewing unique situations as opportunities. Bryon primarily focuses on doing what’s best suited for each of his clients, while striving to always do it the right way. They appreciate his creative outlook, and his ability to come up with new solutions and ideas to apply to their business. Being authentically interested in their business needs and lives has been beneficial to both him and his clients.

Bryon is native of Orange County, born and raised in Huntington Beach. When he’s not working, you’ll find him spending quality time with his fiancé, friends and family. He is quite handy and finds time to work on home improvement projects. He also enjoys spending time outdoors, frequenting the local mountains and beaches. He is always for new places to adventure and new challenges to take on.

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Bryon Bashore
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